Tips on being a great Angel Buddy:

Here’s some tips on how to be a great Angel Buddy, making sure that your time is well spent successfully getting another rider on the road, and that you both have fun!  These tips should help your buddy have an excellent and safe experience, so that they’ll be keen to ride again.

  1. Find out first if your buddy is a confident rider. If not, you may want to start in a quiet place such as a park, so that they can gain confidence and practice braking, looking over the shoulder, avoiding hazards and so on.
  2. Discuss the itinerary before the ride.
  3. Regularly get their feedback – how do they feel?
  4. Be patient and stay at their speed!
  5. Be a good example – follow the road rules and encourage them to do so too.
  6. Stay within their comfort zone – don’t push too fast, they will need time to acquire the skills and confidence.
  7. Tell them ahead of time where the next turn is; what to expect up the road; to watch at this intersection for cars from the left because they sometimes don’t look; to watch out for opening doors, especially if parked car brake lights are on; avoid metal service covers when wet; hit kerb ramp lips at a good angle; etc.
  8. Make decisions on their skills/comfort level, not yours.
  9. Be prepared to fix a puncture or have a back-up plan.
  10. Encourage your buddy to join Bicycle NSW so that they have a cycling insurance.

Tips for aspiring riders:

  1. Make sure you have a front and back light on your bike, especially if you intend to ride at dawn, dusk or night.
  2. Make sure that you have a helmet.
  3. Check that the brakes are working, and if you have gears, check that they are changing well.
  4. Inflate your tyres.
  5. Drink some water before your ride and take some with you.
  6. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, bring a jumper for when you stop cycling and a raincoat if it might rain.
  7. If you haven’t cycled for a while, go for a short practice ride in a quiet street or park.
  8. Join Bicycle NSW, this will give you cycling insurance.