Why do I need bicycle insurance?

We strongly recommend that you become a member of Bicycle NSW as this will provide you with cycling insurance.  Members who purchase a “Standard Membership” with Bicycle NSW receive Personal Accident Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.  Policy benefits include out of pocket expenses such as physiotherapy and chiropractic expenses, private hospital expenses, loss of income and home help.  Also, most importantly, members of Bicycle NSW are covered for Third Party Liability in the event that you cause bodily injury or property damage to a third party as a result of negligence whilst riding a bicycle.  For this reason, we highly recommend becoming a member of Bicycle NSW, or seeking equivalent bicycle insurance.  It’s not that expensive (compared to being responsible for damaging someone’s porsche!).  Just do it :)

Do I have to pay anything to join Bike Buddies?

This service is absolutely free. Bike Buddies is a voluntary initiative which is “funded” by the Angel Buddies’ passion for riding.  We are also supported by a Matching Grant from the City of Sydney, to help cover the cost of web hosting, promotion materials and other incidentals (thank you City of Sydney!!).  CoS logo

How do I make sure I’m safe when meeting strangers?

Bike Buddies does not “screen” our volunteers, so you should take normal precautions when meeting new people, just like you would for any other online matching service.  We strongly recommend that you first meet your buddy in a safe public space (such as for a chat over a coffee in a cafe).  This allows you to make sure that you feel comfortable with each other.

Your first coffee meeting is also a great time to discuss your bike riding level, the route that you will be taking and anything else that you would like to share.  After this chat, if you feel comfortable you can arrange to go on a practice ride together.

Will Bike Buddies disclose any of my personal details?

No!  We will not share your details with anyone, except to provide your email address to your Buddy when we match you, so that you can contact each other.  We ask for your general location and commuting route in the sign-up form so that we can match you with people in the same area, but we won’t share your address or any other details with anyone.

Who can become an Angel Buddy?

Anyone who rides regularly in Sydney has the capacity to become an Angel Buddy. When you register, we recommend that you indicate the great routes for bikes that you are most familiar with so that you can introduce your buddy to them.

Are Angel Buddies paid?

Angel Buddies, and everyone who runs Bike Buddies, are all volunteers – they are not paid for the service they provide.  We all do it just because we want to share the love and passion!

How are Buddies partnered?

We aim to partner people living in the same area, or who are likely to be commuting along similar routes.  This helps to ensure your Angel Buddy can share all the local tips that are most relevant to you!  We also aim to match people who can provide the kind of help you’re looking for.

Who will be my Angel Buddy?

Your Angel Buddy will be a local Sydneysider who is passionate about bike riding and wants to encourage others to ride. The Angel Buddies have the experience to show you the best and safest routes for you to get to your destination. They will also give you advice on how to cycle safely on Sydney’s roads and how to plan your trips.

I don’t have a bike, can Bike Buddies help me?

If you would like to start riding but don’t have a bike you can still request help through Bike Buddies.  One of the Angel Buddies may have a spare bike that you could borrow.  Alternatively, you could hire a bike for a day to see if you like it, before you commit to purchasing your own.  Gumtree also usually has plenty of advertisements for second hand bikes.

What equipment do I need?

In addition to having a bike, you’ll need a helmet (it is a legal requirement for riding a bike in Sydney that you wear a helmet).   Also, if you’re planning to ride at night or when the light is poor you’ll need bicycle lights (white for the front, red for the back); you can buy simple ones at a bicycle shop quite inexpensively.  A backpack to carry any loose items and a water bottle are also a good idea.

What if my Angel Buddy rides too fast?

Angel Buddies are really careful about following your pace and ensuring that you are confident. If however you feel a little out of your depth, tell your Angel Buddy; they’ll be happy to adapt the pace to make sure that you have an enjoyable ride.

What if I don’t enjoy the ride?

Tell your Angel Buddy.  Maybe you need to gain confidence by riding in a park or a quiet road, or maybe you need to go on shorter and easier rides to gain fitness. Your Angel Buddy can help you get there!

How do I make sure I’m comfortable riding on Sydney’s roads?

Safe riding is extremely important.  Your Angel Buddy will give you advice on how to ride your bike safely, so that you can be confident and comfortable and avoid hazards.  The best way to do this is often to find an alternative route with quiet streets or bike lanes, which your Angel Buddy will help you with too.  Never do anything you aren’t comfortable with.  We also recommend the Sydney Cycleways free courses to help you develop safe cycling skills and knowledge.

Will we be riding on bike lanes?

If there are bike lanes nearby, then yes, we recommend riding on the bike lanes.

How old do I need to be to join?

You must be over 18 to register to Bike Buddies. If you are younger, then you will need an adult to join you.

How long before I know who my Angel Buddy is?

As soon as you register a request will be sent through to an Angel Buddy in your area. If they accept then you will be in contact immediately. If the Angel Buddy is not available, we will pass your request on to the next closest Buddy.

If I become an Angel Buddy, do I have to accept all requests?

No, this is a voluntary service that you can choose to provide whenever you have the time. Upon receipt of a request you can choose to accept or reject it, in which case it will be passed on to another Angel Buddy.

When I become an Angel Buddy, can I choose which areas/zones I will receive requests from?

When registering to become an Angel Buddy, you will tell us the areas that  you are most familiar with, and we will aim to match you with people in that area.

Why ride a bike?

Riding is free, can be faster than driving, it’s liberating and it’s great exercise. It’s also environmentally friendly and a fantastic mode of transport that is reliable and allows you to go anywhere, whenever you want.